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2010 Maddie Chen Sauvignon Blanc beauty

English pronunciation
   Sav‐in‐yon blonk Semi‐yon
 Grape variety  I yearn for long (85%)Sai Meirong (15%)
Very popular Sauvignon Blanc grapes planted in Australia is very successfulespecially in the climate cool areathe local grape long growth cyclestabilizing the climategrape can be fully maturenatural acidity and sugar content of balanced development. Combined with the world famous Hunter Valley Semillon grapesSemillon adds lively citrus characteristics for the wine. All grapes in this wine are organically grown and has passed the organic certification. The sealing cover screw: since the end of last centurythe most advanced in Australia wine factoryNew Zealand and around the worldcork closure has gradually been replaced by the technology of spiral cover. The purpose is to remove the cork closure caused by unreliable and pollutionbut also to ensure the quality and safety of short-term and long-term storage of wineand ensure that all the interests of consumers
 production unit
Orange wineNew South Wales vineyard is located in high altitude and cool climatered volcano rock soilplanting the Australian high-quality Sauvignon Blanc ideal place
Fresh passion fruit and lemon grass
 mouth feel
Sauvignon Blanc is succulent passion fruit flavorsSemillon wine add fresh citrus and green apple tart
Serving suggestions: very suitable for fresh seafood and light salad
 alcoholic strength
Use the minimum amount of sulfite: This wine is used the least amount of sulfur dioxide to keep the wine body stability and fresh taste
 7.2 g/L  :total acid  pH: 3.28 Residual sugar content : 10.9 g/L

Picking time: 2010 April

 :production  One thousand ninety box
The bottling date: 2011 November
Storage time: at temperature below 20 degrees Celsius in the cellar to store more than 5 years
Tianbao winery: since we founded in 1966Tianbao winery in the committed to producing the highest quality wine at the same timealso in the care of our natural environment. In 1998we decided to give the vineyard to organic production. The result is not only improves the taste of wineand through the practice of our sustainable cultivation to create a cleaner environment. Tian Bao is an Australian certified the largest organic wine producer. Tianbao winery won the 5 star rating in James Halliday Australian wine companionthis is the highest evaluation James Halliday

2010 Maddie Chen Sauvignon Blanc beauty

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