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Agent business conditions
1. certain degree of financial strengthgood social connectionsnecessary for operating a venue.
2.teacher performance ability with legal and natural persons.
3.pairs wine industry has a strong interest and a certain willingness to invest.
4.P's identity awareness and brandproduct and business model and philosophyin the business and general business can keep the brand's reputation and image.
5.has a good reputation and credit forcethere are certain management capacity and social responsibility and resource-rich pioneering spirit.
6.comply with the headquarters of the various regulations and accept the guidance of the headquarters of resourcesmanagement and supervision.

Wine Join Advantage
1.free initial feebrand royalties.
2.Free Design winery renovation program.
3.free wine dealers opening promotional materials [postersclerk badgesmembership cards] and network publicity.
4.sommelier wine knowledge training free of chargeone explanation.
5.free professional wine market operations and management consultingalways allow you to grasp the development trend of the wine industry.
6.brand characteristics: same store imagesame pricesame managementsame qualitysame deliverythe same propaganda.
7.storefront renovation: With a high level of interior designand continuously improve the taste of the storeto ensure that dealers improve end sales gained high profits.
8.ad-supported: for each regional marketthe development of three-dimensional advertising strategyput rationalization advertisinga comprehensive high-level consumer groups locked for investors amassed popularityincrease profits income.
9.Logistics Support: fast and efficient e-commerce logistics and distribution systemssecurity sources from flat fight each dealer group.
10.Regional Protection Support: to store the municipal centerwhere dealers can extend not open a second storeto ensure that dealers in the market spaceso that the geographical protection.
11.tasting Support: Marketing staff to assist them to carry out.

Affiliate mode: Wine joinagents selected wine shop for professional district analysis and assessment of local spending power for franchisees to choose their own business franchise and brand development models and business forms to provide professional advice.
Budget: For franchisees local economic developmentprovide a variety of patterns and business forms to join the actual head word in the local budget analysisand provides an average assessment of gains and lossesreduce investment riskconfirmed investment skillsinvestment recovery period and the overall accounting operations ROI.

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