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Purchase Protection

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Xinsheng Henry Wine Network offers you the following guarantees:
1 commodity security : brand licensing genuine security ;
2 logistics support : perfect packaging fast delivery ;
3 after-sale protection : price protection formal invoice .
[ Commodity security ]
1 Brand Licensing :
Xinsheng Henry has been authorized in writing brands in the www.xinshengwines.cn www.xswines.cn in the form of a network of sales marketing brand's authentic wine qualifications Xinsheng Henry Wine Network grant ;
2 genuine security :
Xinsheng Henry Wine Network has all the goods are brand dealer or a dealer supply all licensed authentic please rest assured purchase ;
3 can receive the goods first inspection :
( Delivery order ) when you receive the goods the first for inspection and if not you can reject the goods do not pay any fees.
[ Logistics support ]
Perfect packaging to protect your valuable wine ;
[ Sale ] protection
Customer accompanied by :
Professional customer service staff will help you out Customer Service Hotline 0898 -66808380
Formal invoice :
Xinsheng Henry Wine network to provide you a regular machine-printed invoices please fill in the following order selection and content .
Tel 0898 -66808380 complaints
Complaints mail : 437442413@qq.com

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