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User Agreement

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You to conclude this agreement with Hainan Xinsheng Henry Trading Limited the agreement has contractual effect.
The protocol agreement between parties collectively referred agreement Hainan Xinsheng Henry Trading Limited in the agreement also known as " Xinsheng Henry Wine Network ." This Agreement " shop platform" refers to the B2C shop Trading Co. Ltd. Hainan Xinsheng Henry operations ( Xinsheng Henry Wine network the domain name www.xinshengwines.cn www.xswines.cn
First the agreement and signed
1 The text of the agreement and the agreement includes all Xinsheng Henry Wine Network has released all kinds of rules or in the future may be released . All rules as an integral part of the agreement and the agreement have the same legal effect. Unless otherwise expressly stated the service network to provide任何鑫born Henry Wine (hereinafter referred to shop platform ) are subject to the Agreement.
2 You should carefully read the entire agreement before using the shop platform for the agreement to content bold font you should focus on reading . If you have any questions on the agreement should Xinsheng Henry Wine Network Consulting . But no matter whether you are in fact the platform before using the shop carefully read this agreement as long as you use the online shop platform this agreement is bound to produce for you then you should not order without reading the contents of this Agreement or fails to obtain Xin answer grounds Henry wine Health Network to your inquiry advocates of this agreement is invalid or rescission of the agreement.
3 You undertake to accept and comply with the agreement of this Agreement. If you do not agree to this Agreement agree you should immediately stop using the registration process or stop shop platform.
4 Xinsheng Henry Wine Network reserves the right from time to time as needed to formulate revise this Agreement and / or various types of rules and the way the site publicity announcements not notify you individually. Protocols and rules changed once in the website immediately take effect automatically . If you do not agree with the changes should immediately stop using the online shop platform. Your continued use of the shop platform it means that you accept the revised protocol and rules.
Second the registration
1 registrant eligibility
You acknowledge that the actual use of the service in your shop to complete the registration process or otherwise Xinsheng Henry Wine network allows the way you should have full civil rights and full civil capacity of natural persons legal persons or other organizations . If you do not have the qualification of the foregoing then you and your guardian should bear all the consequences resulting therefrom and Xinsheng Henry Wine Network is entitled to cancel ( permanently frozen ) into your account and to claim that you and your guardian.
2 . Account
Shop when you actually use the service in the way you sign this agreement complete the membership registration process or otherwise Xinsheng Henry Wine network allowed Xinsheng Henry Wine website will provide you with a unique account number .
You can set member name and password for the account log in via the online shop platform Username Password password or other user name and password associated with this member . You can not set Username infringement or alleged infringement of the legitimate interests of others. If you are not using consecutive year your member name and password to log shop Xinsheng Henry Wine network to provide you with the right to terminate the service shop canceled your account. After the cancellation of the account the corresponding member name registration is open to any user to use .
You are responsible for the security of your account ( member name ) and password as well as through your account ( member name ) and password to implement actions. Unless required by law or judicial decision and with the consent of Xinsheng Henry Wine network otherwise the account ( member name ) and password in any way transfer gift or inheritance ( other than property rights associated with the account ) . If anyone found improper use of your account or any other account could jeopardize the safety of your case you should immediately notify Xinsheng effective Henry Wine network network requirements Xinsheng Henry Wine suspend related services. You understand Xinsheng Henry Wine nets need to take action on your request reasonable time Xinsheng Henry Wine Network consequences before taking action that has been generated ( including but not limited to any of your loss ) does not bear any responsibility.
For your convenience shop service you consent and authorize Xinsheng Henry Wine Network will your registration the process of using the online shop platform provides the information passed to the formation of other services to provide you with the shop to provide a platform or other organizations or other services available from the shop service platform or other organization you are registered use other services provided during the information form .
3 members
When the registration page after you follow the prompts to fill information read and agree to this Agreement and to complete all the registration process or otherwise Xinsheng Henry Wine manner permitted actual net shop platform you become Xinsheng Henry Wine Member ( also known as member ) .
When you register you should be in accordance with legal requirements or to provide prompt and accurate registration page and update your information in order to make it real timely complete and accurate. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the information you have provided wrong inaccurate outdated or incomplete Xinsheng Henry Wine Network is entitled to issue a query to you and / or require notice to correct delete the data and the right to make a direct deal until the suspension termination of some or all of your online shop platform. Xinsheng Henry Wine does not undertake any responsibility.
You should be accurate and complete and timely update the email address you provide telephone address zip code and other contact information so Xinsheng Henry Wine network or other member of effective communication with you because you can not get through these contact details contact resulting in the loss of your use of any online shop platform during or increased costs Xinsheng Henry wine Network does not assume any responsibility.
Taxes payable shop platform you use the process generated and all hardware software services and other aspects of the costs borne by your own .
Third shop platform
1 shop services and other services provided by Xinsheng Henry Wine Network members can post on Xinsheng Henry Wine transaction information network platform queries goods and services and the intention to trade deal the other members of the evaluation Henry participated Xinsheng wine events organized networks and the use of other information services and technical services.
2 You understand and agree that Xinsheng Henry Wine network should be entitled to government departments ( including judicial and administrative departments ) requirements to provide the necessary information and transaction records registration information you fill in the online shop platform. If you are suspected of violating the privacy of others then Xinsheng Henry Wine network is also entitled to a preliminary judgment in the case of alleged infringement exists to provide you with the necessary identity information to the right people .
Fourth the use of standardized platform services Shop
1 in the online shop platform service process you promise to abide by the following convention :
( 1 ) All acts in the use of the shop platform services and other related services during the implementation of the regulations and requirements are complied with national laws regulations and other normative documents and the rules of the shop platform not contrary to the public interest or public morality without prejudice to the legitimate interests of others does not violate this Agreement and the relevant rules . If you violate these promises have any legal consequences you should bear its own name independent of all legal responsibilities and ensure Xinsheng Henry wine for any loss resulting from the network .
Any data ( 2 ) does not shop platform for commercial use including but not limited to in the case of red wine without Xinsheng Wang Shi Henry 's prior written consent in any way copy distribute platforms such as the use of materials displayed on shop .
( 3 ) does not use any device software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with any trading activity on the platform or the normal operation of the shop is the shop platform. You may not take any action that would result in an unreasonable load imposed huge data network equipment shop platform .
(2) You understand and agree that:
( 1 ) Henry Wine Xinsheng network if you have the right to make a unilateral breach of the commitments identified and be treated or terminate your service and without your consent or prior notice to You in accordance with the applicable rules of the results of its sole discretion .
( 2 ) Upon entry into force of the national administrative or judicial legal instruments exist to confirm your illegal or tortious or Xinsheng Henry Wine Network in its sole discretion considers your conduct alleged breach of the terms of this Agreement and / or the rules or suspected violation of the law regulations the Xinsheng Henry wine Network reserves the right publicity measures such alleged illegal or your breach and Xinsheng Henry wine network has taken on your online shop platform.
( 3 ) For the implementation of your behavior on the shop platform including implementation but you do not have an impact on the shop platform and its user behavior on the shop platform Xinsheng Henry Wine identify the nature of your network the right to act unilaterally and whether they constitute this Agreement and / or breach of the rules and accordingly punished accordingly . You should keep all of the evidence with your own behavior and to respond not provide sufficient evidence to bear the adverse consequences.
( 4 ) For your commitment to act on the alleged violation of any third-party damage your own name shall assume all legal responsibilities independently and shall ensure Xinsheng Henry Wine network resulting from loss or increased costs.
( 5 ) If you are in breach of the law or provisions of this Agreement so Xinsheng Henry Wine networks suffer any loss or subjected to any third party claim or punished in any administrative department you should compensate Xinsheng Henry Wine Network the resulting loss and ( or ) the costs incurred including reasonable attorneys' fees .
Five special authorization
You fully understand and irrevocably granted Xinsheng Henry Wine Network and its affiliates the following rights :
For information and data information you provide you grant Xinsheng Henry Wine Network and its affiliates worldwide perpetual royalty-free license to use the right ( at multiple levels and the right to sublicense the rights ) . In addition Xinsheng Henry Wine Network and its affiliates have the right ( in whole or in part ) to use reproduce modify adapt publish translate distribute perform and display all of your information and data ( including but not limited to registration information All transactions data and display various types of information in the online shop platform ) or create derivative works and now known or later developed any form media or technology the above information will be included in other works .
Sixth the scope of responsibility and limitation of liability
1 Xinsheng Henry Wine network responsible "as is" and " available " state to provide you shop platform services . But Xinsheng Henry Wine Shop Network Platform Services makes no warranties express or implied including but not limited to the applicability of the shop platform services no errors or omissions continuity accuracy reliability fitness for a particular purposes. Meanwhile Henry Xinsheng wine shop platform for network services is not involved in the validity accuracy correctness reliability quality and information technology stability integrity and timeliness of making any commitments and guarantees.
(2) Unless the laws and regulations explicitly require that the following conditions or otherwise Xinsheng Henry Wine Network has no obligation to register data for all users and other matters relating to prior review :
( 1 ) Xinsheng Henry Wine network has reasonable grounds to believe that a particular member of the specific transactions that have a significant breach of the law or circumstances .
( 2 ) Xinsheng Henry Wine network has reasonable grounds to believe the user behavior online shop platform suspected illegal or improper .
3 You understand and agree that Xinsheng Henry Wine network not because any of the following circumstances cause you to be liable for any damages including but not limited to loss of profits goodwill use data or other intangible aspects of loss damages ( regardless of whether the network Xinsheng Henry wine has been advised of the possibility of such damages ) :
( 1 ) the use of or inability to use the shop platform services .
Use your account or change your data ( 2 ) unauthorized third party .
( 3 ) Shop platform services through purchase or acquire any goods expenses and losses samples data information or transactions and other acts or behavior of an alternative .
( 4 ) misconceptions you shop platform services.
( 5 ) any non- wine for reasons Xinsheng Henry caused net losses associated with other shop platform services .
4 Xinsheng Henry Wine Network reserves the right at any time to adjust when commodity prices . Price changes lead to price the price of your order and adjustment after the match according to the following circumstances:
( 1 ) the Treasury has been shipped received press to adjust the price of goods before expenses
( 2 ) the Treasury has not shipped Xinsheng Henry Wine Network will notify you fail this order you need to re- follow the new price list .
5 No matter under what circumstances Xinsheng Henry Wine Network liable for normal because the information network equipment maintenance information network connection failure malfunction computer communications or other systems power failures strikes labor disputes riots insurrection riots responsibility or lack of productivity of production fires floods storms explosions war governmental action judicial and administrative authorities of the command or third parties caused by omission or delay services can not service .
Seven the agreement is terminated
1 You agree Xinsheng Henry Wine Network reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend any reason without prior notice to terminate the provision of some or all of your online shop platform services temporarily or permanently freeze freezing ( cancel ) your account and does not bear any responsibility to you or to any third party.
(2) In the following cases Xinsheng Henry Wine Network reserves the right to cancel the account directly terminate this Agreement :
(1 ) Henry Wine Xinsheng network termination to provide you with services that you allegedly registered again directly or indirectly or in the name of others as Xinsheng Henry Wine network users ;
( 2 ) provide the e- mail does not exist or can not receive e-mail and there is no other way to contact you or Xinsheng Henry Wine net to the other contact information to notify you change the email message and you Xin was born in Henry Wine Netcom three working days after the notice has not changed to a valid e- mailbox.
( 3 ) your registration information in the main content of untrue or inaccurate or untimely or incomplete.
(4 ) This Agreement ( including the rules ) changes you expressly notify Xinsheng Henry Wine and unwilling to accept the new network services agreement ;
( 5 ) Other Xinsheng Henry Wine network that situation should terminate the service.
3 You have the right to Xinsheng Henry Wine network requires the cancellation of your account by Xinsheng Henry Wine network audit agree to cancel ( permanently frozen ) into your account then you and Henry Wine Xinsheng network protocol based on the contractual relationship is terminated. Your account has been canceled ( permanently frozen ) after Xinsheng Henry Wine Network no obligation for you to retain or disclose any information to your in your account there is no obligation to forward to you or any third party that you have not read or sent a message .
4 You agree that after the termination of the contractual relationship between you and Xinsheng Henry Wine network Xinsheng Henry Wine network still enjoy the following rights
( 1 ) Continue to save your registration information and your use of all transaction information during online shop platform services .
( 2 ) You are using the platform during the service shop wrongdoing or violation of this Agreement and / or rules of conduct Xinsheng still received on the basis of Henry Wine network protocol you claim the rights .
5 Xinsheng Henry Wine Network suspend or terminate service to provide you with the platform after the shop for you to handle transactions in accordance with the following principles in the suspension or termination of service before you should deal solely and exclusively responsible for any disputes generated from the process following loss or increase any fees and shall ensure Xinsheng Henry wine network resulting from any loss or bear any costs :
Has been reached for the sale of wine and Henry Xinsheng network before ( a ) suspend or terminate your service but the contract has not actually performed Xinsheng Henry the right to remove the network contract for the sale of wine and related information transactions ;
( 3 ) You have reached a contract for the sale of wine and Henry Xinsheng network before the service suspension or termination and has been performed Xinsheng Henry Wine network can not delete the transaction but Xinsheng Henry Wine Network reserves the right to suspend or terminate service while the relevant circumstances to notify you .
Eight Privacy Policy
Xinsheng Henry Wine Network will publish the revised Privacy Policy from time to time in the shop platform Privacy Policy constitute the integral part of this Agreement.
IX the law applicable jurisdiction and other
1 . The effectiveness of this Agreement explain change implementation and dispute resolution are applicable laws People's Republic of China in the absence of relevant laws and regulations reference should be common business practices and industry practices .
2 due to disputes arising from this Agreement shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws People's Republic of China
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