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Shopping Guide

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 If you order goods through Xinsheng Henry customer service center you can look up the invoice provided to staff the invoice will be sent along with the product .
Note invoicing
    1 Order by Xinsheng Henry website (www.xinshengwines.cn www.xswines.cn) or call center Henry Xinsheng goods you can select an invoice an order corresponding to the invoice the invoice will be sent along with the goods together ; If the invoice shipping address and shipping address inconsistencies Xinsheng wine will provide a free service to send invoices ;
    Henry invoice 2 Xinsheng provide invoices for liquor this unit can be used as an invoice for reimbursement use ;
    3 Shipment amounts included in the order the invoice value ;
    4 invoice amount can not exceed the amount of orders ;
    5 Use envelopes gift cards cash back and other parts of the amount paid no invoicing ;
    6 Invoice : You can write personal or company name
    7 invoice : drinks or detail . ( Xinsheng Henry can only be issued invoices alcohol content . )
    8 If you are after ordering the invoice we will provide you with the goods issue " Xinsheng Henry invoice " so that your service can be protected ;
    9 After the invoice if it occurs return you need to return the invoice along with the goods ;
    10 open up replace the invoice
    ( 1 ) up to the month of invoicing orders prevail that only opened up the month of invoice ;
    ( 2 ) replacement of the invoice must provide " Xinsheng Henry invoice " or detailed ordering information ;
    ( 3 ) Please provide the correct invoice recipient address and we will express the way for you to fill in the invoice sent please note that check ;
    ( 4 ) Ruoyin customers' personal reasons to replace or complement invoicing to be borne by the customer invoice delivery costs ;
    ( 5 ) When the invoice due to the rise of content or situations such as the need to replace the amount of the invoice please contact your Customer Service Contact Henry Xinsheng confirmed the original invoice to be returned Xinsheng behind Henry reopened.
    You can invoice to the following address :
    Address / Add: Haikou City Industrial Development Zone Taurus Road Unit 2 B1204

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