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1 online payment platform
    Xinsheng Henry Alipay line UnionPay pay two kinds of payment platform coverage of 98 % select online payment immediately arrived accurate and efficient ! Paypal account : 4137442413@qq.com
    2 the opening of bank cards
    Policies vary across banks we recommend that you call the location before online payment bank phone line available for consultation in the bank card online payment types and open procedures .
    3 the maximum amount paid
    At present the bank has a certain limit for online payment amounts due to the different banks policy we recommend that you apply online consultation related matters to the bank when the payment function .
    4 to the time of payment
    Online payment are successful payment that arrival. If due to network failure resulting success you have paid orders did not change order status please contact our customer service for you to solve . Hotline 0898 -66808380
    Tips: Online payment Payment waiting period of 48 hours . Please complete the order within 48 hours after successful payment otherwise we will not retain your order .
The line transfer
    For the convenience of our customers enough to buy the product especially the establishment of China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China account in your remittance to the company account please notify us to facilitate timely delivery. Bank : Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Haikou City Branch
Tel 0898 -66808380 complaints
Complaints mail : 437442413@qq.com

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