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Delivery Method - Receipt Note
Delivery range: National
Shipping method: free air (the relevant state regulations)
Shipment received standard: non-specified Xinsheng Henry audience full of 500 yuan free shipping; less than $ 500 plus $ 10 per unit required delivery orders are not limited to the number of bottles.
Distribution Safety Instructions: To ensure the safety of goods safe packaging bottle products are used to ensure no damage caused in transit due to compression impact and other factors; such damage occurs please check with the courier face and take pictures of damaged evidence the call 0898-66808380 communicate with customer service;
Delivery Delivery time: on order within 48 hours of delivery;
COD range: above the county level cities county-level cities in the following specific advice 0898-66808380
Tel 0898 -66808380 complaints
Complaints mail: 437442413@qq.com

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