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Return Policy

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Returns commitment
Xinsheng Henry commitment: within seven days from the date of your receipt of goods to provide you with return service !
Return of Private
Please call Henry Xinsheng call center 0898-6608380 customer service will be handled for you.
If the drain is damaged after receipt drinks wine please send the pictures to the problem of drinks 4137442413@qq.com;
Other problems please send a brief description of the problem to 4137442413@qq.com. ( Be sure to include the order number customer service will for the first time to contact
You handle . )
Returns Policy
1 out of the box when the customer to sign on the spot inspection check the wine varieties category quantity specifications gifts consistent with the amount of orders after confirmation
Then sign if any questions please call the customer service hotline 4137442413@qq.com Henry Xinsheng communication addressed.
2 In the case of goods without any problem since the actual date of receipt of the goods within 7 days as long as unused and packaging intact can be returned in full .
3 When the customer for return business requiring returned wine packaging integrity . Requirements returned when no wine packaging unopened bottles to be met ; wine
Complete the attached invoice goods and gifts and well-preserved batch match. Such as missing invoices not handle Returns .
4 customer location to meet delivery conditions when Henry Xinsheng will be on-site service delivery personnel to recover wine sub items and fill Gordon Returns
Note cards ; If not satisfied please customers and customer service personnel after Henry Xinsheng communicate confirmation wine a subsidiary of goods and return the registration card be mailed back
Back Xinsheng Henry ( Mailing Address : Haikou City Industrial Development Zone Venus Road on the 6th 5th Floor Zip : 570216 Attn: Returns the group received ) .

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