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Quality Assurance

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Xinsheng Henry guarantee all goods are passed directly to the original bottle Australian winery direct genuine. Xinsheng Henry for the user to develop a quality service.
If you find the quality of the product after purchase please contact the customer service center 0898-66808380 we will focus on specific issues that you raised to make appropriate treatment!
Let your shopping in peace of mind comfort!
Quality of goods belonging to the following questions:
Liquor quality problems
(1) standard wine tasting bottle caps corks and bottles and other packaging burst damage;
(2) wine liquor outflow phenomenon occurs;
(3) Specify the wine over the shelf life of manufactured products;
(4) the wine does not meet national standards industry standards;
(5) found in wine or impurities shoddy.
Guarantee commitments:
Every customer shopping at Henry Xinsheng can enjoy "a penalty five" rights.
NOTE: If you think that buying fake goods and can provide documentation of national quality inspection agency upon confirmation the full return of the amount of goods at the same time and then return to the form of gift certificates to five times the amount of goods.

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