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  • Wine Culture


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  Wine usually drinking at the table often called table wine (Table wines). In the wine is if a variety of wines what wine first and what kind of drink there are several international general rules: the first on the white wine red wine later on; first on the new wine after the old      
  wine; first on light wine after the wine; first on dry wine after the rum. Different wine drinking in different ways. Vermouth called appetizer wine before dinner drink can cause the secretion of saliva and gastric juice increase appetite. Also known as table wine dry wine by definition is eat and drink wine. Known to be scattered wine sweet wine a drink at the party before the end will make you memorable without a break satisfied. In the banquet climax open a bottle of champagne just sonorous sound Kai bottle you can increase the warm atmosphere of the banquet and revelry.
  Brandy is a distilled liquor and stately. Brandy put on banquet table you can highlight and show a grand banquet. Brandy before meals meal after meal (postprandial drink more in foreign countries) are drinking. Tea and brandy he also contain a certain amount of tannins both mixed drink both directly into low spirits drinks whilst maintaining a cognac color smell taste giving the joy of beauty.

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