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Argentine billionaire acquired Italian Dievole Winery

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  The maximum classic Italian Chianti wineries Dievole was recently acquired Argentine billionaire Alejandro Pedro Bulgheroni.
  Bulgheroni Currently in Argentina Uruguay and has a number of California wineries. In addition Bulgheroni also to the 15 million acquisition of the Italian Montalcino (Montalcino) areas of the Poggio Landi Winery. Winery covers 134 hectares which covers an area of ​​25 ha vineyard.
  Bulgheroni plans to acquire winery after renovations articles from the Chinese network to add a new wine cellar built a new winery and then began brewing.
  This two winery wine production are responsible for the supervision of Tuscany's Alberto Antonini he has been for the Bulgheroni Uruguay winery Bodega Garzón has provided consulting services.
  Dievole Winery is located 15 kilometers north of Siena with 80 hectares large vines and olive trees as well as a luxury resort a few years ago according to 15th-century villa style reconstruction.

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