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For collection of wine, why should it be placed lying down?

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Wine is like people like to collect wine, vintage wine for collection must be placed lying down, as these are used wine corks, if prolonged upright position, then the cork will shrink dry, air will leak into wine, cocktail oxidative deterioration; lying and wine can put a cork in contact, kept moist and expanded, so the outside air to enter, can delay the oxidation of the wine _ is taking a long time. If placed upright bottle, cork excessively dry, which will allow air to enter and destroy the quality of the wine.
In fact, the concept in a real wine "breathe" phenomenon does not occur in the cork, but occurs in oak barrels in the cellar, from the oak permeability. Compared wine, brandy, whiskey and other distilled spirits in oak storage longer every year there are 2-4% evaporation loss, brewers could do nothing but call it that: "Angel's share."
Therefore wine collection, storage environment humidity problems are also "ancient wisdom" is used in the wrong place, only store oak cellar only need to pay attention humidity, high humidity environment for the oak to maintain a certain moisture, so that the gap dense, so that air and respiratory exchange effect of liquor kept in a controlled situation, after bottling wine collection if only in terms of the impact on wine quality is the fundamental need to pay attention to moisture, take a bottle of wine bottle closures look Conditions to clear.
Wine lying down, letting liquor touch the bottom of the cork, not to prevent air came in, kept moist is true, although in fact weak absorbent cork, moist conditions are mostly occurs in the outer layer of cork and a sidewall portion in contact. Compared to the long upright position, lying just put a cork wine is easier to pull out the advantages of such a nothing, and no more than bristling wine quality wine develop better place.
Wine is not 100% sealed cork from a phenomenon we can see that there will always be old wine in liquor consumption, even cork intact, the wine surface will occur decline. The problem lies in the size of water molecules and the difference in air molecules, air molecules is twice the volume of water molecules, it is possible to run away from the edge of the cork is water molecules into the air molecules can not necessarily come. The experience has opened wine should be aware that the final end of the cork often disconnected while being sucked into the bottle to go, because the bottle was outside the thin air pressure back to atmospheric pressure, and if cork able to breathe, then inside and outside air pressure should be the same will not happen this situation was.
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