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Dijon, France City to sell wine to fill the financial gap

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Site Infos-Dijon according to local reports, the auction former Duke of Burgundy (Dukes of Burgundy) government held a large living room, the auction attracted hundreds of people, some of them from other countries in Europe and Asia from afar .
The most attractive is a bottle of 1999 vintage Vaughan - Romani (Vosne-Romanée) a vineyard Crow - Pa grand (Cros Parantoux) wines. Bookmark this bottle when the price is 1000 euros, net of red wine in the article comes from China in this auction price is almost five times the original price.
According Infos-Dijon reported, this wine buyer is a named Wang Dongming (tone) of the "mysterious Chinese people." This man from Paris, in the auction has been patiently wait until this wine last shooting. The site also added that the auction in people's applause in the end, there are wine experts guide the auction.
• Francois Hollande (François Hollande) Socialist government of President since he took office the first eight months, with regard to raising taxes on the rich and famous to fill the French budget deficit. But Hollande has warned that the French government is trying to cut in 2017 before spending 60 billion euros, local governments must also bear part of the burden of spending cuts.
Difficult times seems to have affected the French mayors ability to entertain guests. Lei Buzha door, said: "These premium wines are usually hosted in the city of Dijon, enjoy a grand banquet, they also used to entertain visiting foreign envoys, metropolitan mayors and other distinguished visitors."
Although many wines to be auctioned off, but the city's most distinguished guests who still have a chance of a product Burgundy wine flavor. The city said that the auction for 80% of the proceeds will be used to pay for social welfare spending, and the remaining amount will be used to pay the costs of the auction and re-fill the empty city hall cellar.
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