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Burgundy, France defeated World Heritage protection application

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France Burgundy unsuccessful new one UNESCO World Heritage status applications.
Now there are too many European cultural heritage want to get UNESCO recognition, but UNESCO recognition criteria rather strict, allowing only one country per year apply a culture and a natural landscape.
This year a total of four candidates to compete for the application in July 2014, the French government decided to submit Ardèche (l'Ardèche) prehistoric Chauvet Cave (la grotte Chauvet) and Auvergne (Auvergne) volcano's application.
French Culture Minister Aurélie Filippetti and Ecology Minister Delphine Batho appeal will Burgundy climats article on next year's list comes from the Chinese wine website submission, this Burgundian landscape has been supported by 50,000 signatures.
  Climat meaning rich, not only refers to the vineyard, but also contains the name of the vineyard spread for hundreds of years, fine points mosaic plots, light, soil, climate and other terroir, beautiful natural landscape.
Now included in the UNESCO World Heritage protected wine region are: Austria Wachau (Wachau), Saint-Emilion, France (St Emilion), Hungary Tokaj (Tokaj), Portugal on the Douro Valley (Upper Douro) and Switzerland Lavaux terraced vineyards.


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