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Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand launched a new

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New Zealand Hawkes Bay Bridge Pa Triangle current boot wine region (The Bridge Pa Triangle Wine District) Association, aims to celebrate and promote the Triangle Pa Bridge in New Zealand's top wine producing areas.
Bridge Pa Triangle stretches over 2000 hectares, is located in Healy Don Plain (Heretaunga) to the west, the largest vineyard in Hawke's Bay has a concentrated area.
Bridge Pa Triangle has a large internationally renowned wineries and vineyards, here are some local winemakers nurture out of the "product", such as Alpha Domus Winery winemaker Paul Ham, Bridge Pa Vineyard winemaker Stephen Daysh, Sileni Estate winemaker Grant Edmonds , Salvare Estate winemaker Steve Nathan and Te Mata Estate winemaker Peter Cowley. Bridge Pa Triangle producing areas currently includes ten wineries and seven private grape growers.
Responsible for the areas of research Peter Cowley explains: "Pa Triangle wine region located in the old bridge that as Rolls-Royce (Ngaruroro) valley of river precipitated a lot of greywacke gravel, locally known as copper."
This soil is an ideal place for growing grapes, and its drainage is good, and high water holding capacity articles from Chinese wine network, you can use a limited amount of water on the vines to conduct a comprehensive irrigation.
Over the past 16 years the center of Napa Bridge Triangle region average GDD (Growing Degree Days, growing degree days) has reached 1483. This Medoc and Bordeaux regions of South Australia Coonawarra same.
Alpha Domus Winery winemaker Paul Ham said, "Bridge Pa Triangle Wine Region is ideal for brewing high-quality wines, which is obtained from the Awards is enough to prove that we are good at and full of flavor brewing Norodom, Merlot, Chardonnay , Wei Ounie wine and red blend of these wines show a distinct breed characteristics, flavor characteristics, elegant wine, pleasant fruit aroma. "
Hawke's Bay wine region organized Hawke's Bay Winegrowers' Inc executives Lyn Bevin said, "This is for the Hawkes Bay is a significant stage of development, producing wines for our wine adds more story. Pago bridge Triangle has long been brewing award-winning wine producing areas, where the winery has many very well-known and I look forward to Bridge Pa Triangle Wine Region (The Bridge Pa Triangle Wine District) associations, to continue to promote the region in the international arena strengths and diversity. "
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