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When drinking red wine should not eat sweets?

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Should not eat sweets, unless it is sweet red wine. Because food should not exceed sweetness sweetness of wine, or cocktail party look more skinny!
Sweet and sour foods, requires an appropriate wine to match. It sounds very simple, such as pudding or dessert when one important rule is the wine and food must be at least as sweet, sweeter or more, because if the food is sweeter, the wine tastes will become another short and sour . As with appetizers, wine and food is the most critical gravity balance, although due to the relative sweetness is the most important consideration, usually does not require a high degree of coordination.
In short, where the sweetness appetizers more challenging, but as long as the key is to remember that a dry white and sweet food when in conflict, you can choose sweet or semi-sweet wine. For example, the law made ​​Sauternes white wine with foie gras or Roquefort, is a model with this method. Softer taste shellfish, such as scallops, cream sauce whitefish, can match Germany's Sbarter Rees (sweet side Semi-dry wine), sweet (France) walleye white wine, Louis Hill, or home Long Song and sweet champagne, and these wines must be on a good wine, inexpensive version is not worth chose; also moderately sweet German Riesling can also eliminate goose, duck, pork, wild boar greasy taste, after all, when these meats accompanied by sweet jam or other seasoning, and then used with dry wines, is undoubtedly a blasphemy.
Overall, sweet sauces, jellies and appetizers best with moderate sweet and sour taste, winery bottling German Sbarter Rees or Osiris. The problem is not suitable for this type of wine, red meat, game, and even poultry and fish dishes. Anyway, more elegant approach is based on the main components of dishes and garnish around to choose the right wine. If garnish itself can not be ignored, sauces and is part of the necessary dishes, and wine and is completely de rigueur needs, then the answer is to choose a sweet wine with ripe grapes, whose main representative is the taste mellow, mellow, berries flavored California red Zinfandel, followed by Australia and Chile Syrah wine (such as Montes).
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