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Ten health benefits of alcoholic beverages

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Various studies have claimed to find a wine, beer and spirits health benefits, so now we grilled a steak on alcoholic beverages and healthy relationship.
Many headlines are "alcoholic beverage is good for the body." In many instances, the alcoholic beverage is seen as the magic elixir that can cure a variety of diseases: from heart disease to dementia. It is the secret of longevity, can make people stay slim, people feel happier.
It should be noted that most of the news headlines studies have focused on the back and one effect of alcohol, the alcohol can reduce the risk of a disease, but it may increase the risk of suffering from another disease.
Alcohol consumption for healthy debate everywhere, and doctors will be given for different purposes and for different patient alcohol limit. On the other hand, it is generally accepted theory is that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages can make people feel better, including the regulation of mood.
Clinical and experimental evidence, because red wine contains extracted from grapes antioxidant polyphenols, so the moderate consumption of red wine can better protect human health. Moreover, a glass of wine (150ml) of antioxidant polyphenol content equivalent to 7 cups of orange juice.
Now, let us look at those unexpected effect of alcoholic beverages bar.
1, red wine can reduce the risk of lung cancer
Drank two glasses of red wine a lower risk of lung cancer in men. Through the beer, red wine, white wine and spirits role in reducing lung cancer risk measurement found that drinking a glass of red wine every month who want to lower risk of lung cancer by 2%.
2000-2003, scientists from the California Men's Health Research Center (California Men's Health Study) convened a 84,000 between the ages of 45-69 years old men, the results of this study is to get out from among them.
Them from the American Association for Cancer Research (American Association for Cancer Research) of the journal "Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention" (Cancer EpidemiologyBiomarkers & Prevention) found 210 cases of lung cancer cases. "A red wine antioxidant effect on lung cancer cells to resist, especially for smokers," Pasadena, California Kaiser Permanente Research Evaluation Center (Kaiser Permanente Department of Research and Evaluation) of Chun Chao said the doctor.
2, alcoholic beverages can increase the "good" cholesterol
"British Medical Journal" published by the study said one drink per day can increase the body of "good" cholesterol, which prevents heart disease, cholesterol is the main ingredient. Canadian scientists at the University, said Kari Gard, one drink per day than those who do not drink are more likely to develop heart disease.
Lung disease, heart disease and a reasonable relationship between alcohol consumption is the most extensive research. However, before people only know a small amount of drinking red wine can reduce the risk of heart disease, but recently it was found that really works is contained in the composition of the wine rather than drinking the way.
3, reasonable alcohol intake can help restore the heart
The survey found that the long day to drink two glasses of wine cardiac death rates than people who do not drink a low 42%. Throughout the study, scientists in the United States took 20 years tracked 1,818 men. Followers are being occurred between 1986-2006 who had heart disease.
Moderate drinkers are those daily intake of 10-29.9 grams of alcohol - equivalent to 2 cups 125 ml of wine, two cups or two of beer or a spirits person. These people are the U.S. Department of Health Professionals Follow-up Study (US Health Professionals Follow-Up Study) member organizations every four years on their eating habits and alcohol intake to investigate.
4,2 glass of wine "to improve the quality of life."
Boston University School of Medicine survey shows that moderate, regular alcohol consumption can increase the quality of life of middle-aged people.
Quality of Life with Health Utilities Index (Health Utilities index) to measure, it includes flexibility, emotional, cognitive and mobility. They studied 5,404 50-year-old Canadians, the study will continue for some time.
Study found that moderate drinkers - one week does not exceed 14 cups, the woman one day does not exceed 3 cups day not more than four cups of men, than full abstainer performance in all aspects are good.
5, alcohol can reduce the risk of suffering from arthritis
Scientists found that if drinking more than three cups a week, and insisted more than 10 years, the risk of suffering from rheumatic diseases will decline by half. Ms. on more than 34,000 Swedish study found that in 1987-1997 between drinking more than three cups a week people suffering from rheumatic disease risk not drinking low 52%. The scientists also collected them from 1987-1997 in alcoholic disease, eating habits, smoking history, physical activity and education level and other details.
6, drinking people smarter
Compared with teetotalers drink alcoholic beverages per week in cognitive function have better performance - thought process clearer. When the weekly alcohol consumption reaches 30 Cup, the benefits of alcohol on intelligence will emerge, and with the amount of drinking increases. Scientists did not test the impact of high alcohol intake.
These new findings come from a study of the long-term health of civil servants study, namely the well-known survey Whitehall (Whitehall Study), which began in 1967. Epidemiologists and public health experts, led by Mr. Michael Marmot analytical work, he needs to be tested to all those who do psychological measurements. Issues including language and numerical reasoning, in order to test the short-term memory. Then compare drinkers and non-drinkers among intellectual abilities, teetotalers and occasional drinkers lowest score.
The team confirmed that alcoholic beverages (beer, wine or spirits) has been able to improve the intellectual capacity because it can increase blood flow to the brain. These results were published in the "American Journal of Epidemiology" (American Journal of Epidemiology) on.
7, alcohol helps to treat head trauma
Emergency department doctors recommend a dozen alcoholic beverages may be a recipe for treating head trauma. Because when people's blood alcohol when they are due to head trauma and the possibility of death will be reduced. America's Research Group, said part of the reason may be that alcohol can reduce the trauma caused by inflammation.
But they stressed that alcohol may lead to medical disease complications, caused many accidents. Experts advise people not to put these findings as a reason for excessive drinking.
Experiments on animals show that alcohol intake is very important - too little work, many of the beneficial effects will disappear.
8, moderate drinking good for bones
Moderate alcohol consumption on bone health in women is very beneficial to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. A new study has found that a few days a week can insist on drinking 1-2 glasses of wine in older women with osteoporosis the probability is small. In these women weeks after stopping drinking scientists in their blood was detected in the bone marker changes.
After aging bones will continue to update and replace through to transformation. People with osteoporosis bone remodeling rate is lower than the rate of bone loss, the result will be holes in bones become fragile. Approximately 80% of patients with osteoporosis are women, older women because the higher the incidence of estrogen to help reshape the bone will decrease with increasing age.
Past studies have shown that moderate drinkers bone density than non-drinkers or excessive drinkers, but these studies did not explain the difference between bone density. Experts say that alcohol can be as estrogen reduces bone turnover.
9, the wine helps to lose weight
In the "Journal of Biological Chemistry" (Journal of Biological Chemistry) published a study said researchers at Purdue red wine, grapes, blueberries and tropical fruit found in fat cells that can restrict the growth and development of the complex.
Resveratrol is touted as heart healthy red wine helps pharmaceutical, Similarly, piceatannol also believed to help prevent cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative disease tissue. Resveratrol absorbed by the body into piceatannol.
10, alcohol is a poison is also an antidote
An Australian doctors say that when they run out of medical alcohol poisoning to an Italian tourist hang with vodka drip, it will also save his life. The 24-year-old Italian youths because a large number of ethylene glycol ingestion poisoning, which is a commonly used anti-freeze, it will lead to kidney failure. Pure alcohol is usually cured such cases, because it can suppress the symptoms of ethylene glycol poisoning.
Pascal Gelperowicz in Mackay Base Hospital doctors using this treatment method, he said when he arrived there medical alcohol, but soon run out.
Gelperowicz in conversation, said: "We'll all be able to use 100% pure alcohol, After discussion, we believe that the alcohol injected into another system, the best way his body is through a nasogastric tube to give him enter the spirits."
"Through the slow drip, intensive care patients within three days are in three drunken state when we explain to hospital administrators, they are also very clear why we bought a box of vodka."
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