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Ingenious food sweet wines no longer embarrassed

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But in the field of wine, it is difficult to feel the sweetness of love people. In fact, high quality sweet wines there are many, including a late harvest Riesling grapes, Marsala wine, horses and pulled white wine, Moscato and Sauternes sweet white. These sweet wine is made in the sun Tanzhao dried grapes or gray mold erosion due to wither and concentrated grape sugar is made. Sweet wine category is very broad, from the strong alcohol fortified wines --- Port wine, the low alcohol, fruity sweet wine, everything.
Sweet wine is considered unprofessional
Sweet wine processing usually requires time and technical expertise as well as additional costs, but how many people do not drink sweet wines. San Francisco Wine Association research shows that in the United States, basically wine sweet wine category, annual sales of close to 27 million boxes, while in 2009 the total sales volume of wine is 281 million boxes. Tim Hanni wine experts say this is because Americans have been taught that sweet wines taste is not complicated enough, not suitable with meals.
2010, Mr. Haney and Virginia Cornell University, for 1600 consumers called "sweet wine drinkers VS tolerant wine drinkers," the online survey. In the third phase of this series of investigations found that many potential wine lovers because society generally stressed the argument and wine dryness stalled. Wine lovers Levin ti · Teague said that years ago, he had when dining in a restaurant with a Riesling teasing a friend with her steak, said she did not know wines.
Haney said: "If sweet wine more socially acceptable, there will be millions of consumers to drink more alcohol, we need to change the steak with sweet wine is not suitable for the view or if you like sweet wine is a nothing fools do not understand the view. "he added, because rejection and criticism sweet wines, resulting in a large number of potential wine drinkers turn to drinking cocktails and beers.
Liqueurs once the rage
Quiddy California winery operators Andrew Quiddy is a sweet wine produced exclusively manufacturer, his sweet wines for early American era quite popular nostalgia. "Before the implementation of the prohibition, we have a sweet wine consumption first state," he said, "but we never return too, of course, go back to that era, in California, port wine than Cabernet Sauvignon known more, while Thomson seedless grapes is considered to be suitable for the production of wine grape varieties in the 1970s, the prevalence of sweet sparkling wines, including my first bottle of wine that tasted --- Andelieke Nasdaq wine, this is a bottle of sweet sparkling red wine. "
A port wine collectors once told Quiddy almost the same words. He talked about his all port wine cellars, but Quiddy asked him to open his last bottle of the time when he can not remember. "I know people where nobody wants to drink port wine, especially in the sumptuous dinner." He said.
Even those who make a living making desserts himself does not drink sweet wines.纽约格拉梅西 front of the hotel pastry chef, now Northrop Fogg Restaurant hotel owner Claudia Fleming with her is not recommended when making sweet dessert wine, but milk.
Looking for a model of rum catering
Even without the sweet dessert wine with dessert wines as if to consider the use of sweet wine with dinner would happen then? After all, there are a variety of sweet wines suitable to match with a pre-dinner appetizer. San Francisco Harefield wine director Peter Birmingham is a strong supporter of this food and wine combinations. "7-15 years with a selection of landscapes Riesling with fresh lamb meat mix makes me mad love." He said. Indeed, the selection of class late harvest Riesling grapes by hand made, so the more mature and sweet.
But if you want to find some sweet sweet wines suitable for side dishes, you can start from the champagne. Although sweet champagne and those marked on the bottle of champagne in a semi-hard to find on the market. But some classic match is also memorable: margarine excellent creamy champagne can be used with lush semi crabmeat, there is another one more dry Louis Roederer Champagne (Louis Roederer Carte Blanche Extra Dry), wine color Bright, crystal clear.
Riesling in Germany, there are two top masterpiece is very suitable for catering, especially with mustard cream sauce chicken. Moselle is a 2009 Mo Sheer Lu Sen Hong Park Riesling Late Harvest sweet white wine, it is a bright, vivid non-dry wine, smelled spice. Another satisfied River region from 2006 Tanner Astoria Featured Riesling taste more intense and sweet, but there are obvious acidity.
Walleye in the Loire valley region, the wine is controlled within a certain range of production styles, from dry to semi-dry and then rum. Many semi-Velay wine, including Huet 2008 and 2005, Li Mengte wine Foro (Foreau) Winery wines have honey and citrus flavor, but there are certain acidity and minerals, stones flavor.
Some Piedmont Moscato wine is sweet catering model, they are made with delicate aroma of Moscato Bianco grapes, has a perfume of flowers, low alcohol. Piedmont is also manufactured and Baba Lesko noble Barolo red wine region. Actually, the best Moscato · Asti Barolo wine is made and Baba Lesko made of red wine producers, such as Sa Lake wineries and peak winery (La Spinetta). Sa Lake is also known as "Moscato master", produced excellent Moscato wines. Pinnacle Winery 2010 Moscato popular people's favorite, is a light-bodied, delicate taste, aromatic wine with peaches, rich in fruit and low alcohol, is a perfect wine.
Meanwhile, Andrew Quiddy say, at least for Moscato wine, the sales are very popular, he began planting new vineyards. Why Moscato wine has so many fans do? He believes that one of the reasons is the Italian Moscato's reputation, such as "shrimp lobster with a glass of Moscato wine" was widespread. Compared to more people with the passion of professionals and with a clever mix of food, maybe popularity is now the most sweet wine producers need to upgrade.
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