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And "food" into the wine club

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Wine, in accordance with Chinese literal understanding, meaning, and drink wine with meals, which of course is the concept of wine in the Frenchman's first interpretation. And a lot of the same material consumption, the consumption of wine is also about the fashion trends for you, we recommend 3 France is currently the largest selling wine, let's catch up with fashion taste.
French wine classification in which they will put wine into AOC, VDT and VDP. About AOC we touch a lot, currently exports to China accounted for the majority of wine AOC level, this level of wine in the French regarded as No.1. VDT and VDP-level contact with the wine we have relatively few, but they are most common French wine consumption levels.
VDP-level wine, that wine region level
Marcy is the first brand in the French wine region in France, which is equivalent to the sales of the second and third brand of regional wine and is a French daily consumer mainstream choice.
Maxi Cabernet red wine by the French famous high quality production 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes carefully brewed liquor pure and transparent, revealing a typical Cabernet wines distinguished quality. Maxi Cabernet red wine with black currant, raspberry-based, fruity fragrance. After aging spices, resins and barbecue flavor. Wine importers, the rich high quality full round tannins of the wine with the structure of the body immediately wrap up your taste buds, moderate acidity is its most simple and direct description. Beef and mutton and slightly greasy food game and it most suitable match. The typical black currant, green pepper, vanilla aroma make you spiritual multiplication strongest tannin structure also helps to clear oil spill unpleasant sense of ease greasy foods, maintain fresh breath.
VDT level wines, that daily wine level
Old pope is a French sales of the first table wine, the brand was founded in 1930. Today, 70 years later, it is still favored by consumers. Old pope dry white wine always follow the tradition in the brewing process for each step have devoted tremendous time and effort. Old pope as a daily wine, has maintained a simple features, this unique charm attracted wine lovers from around the world. The bright yellow, slightly green tracks, rich rich, plump fruit Xiangyi people balanced, with fresh seafood sashimi with them, so that a more lingering licorice fragrance.
AOC levels, namely AOC level
Earl Skandia's sales for many years ranked first in France Bordeaux.
Typical Bordeaux style "(Baron de Lestac) Skandia Earl" series of wine, produced in the core area of ​​Bordeaux on Baron de Lestac blessing, with the right bank of river gravel soils and Kuala Bordeaux sunny atmosphere, each bottle of wine have been Europe's largest brewery oak barrels, wood bodied, fruity fragrance. This dry white wine has a pale golden yellow crystal, open wine stopper brings you first after the tension is very aromatic herbs and white flowers, while the abundance of real, fresh taste is combined with the delicate woody, long-lasting aftertaste. So fresh and fermentation of a wine was clear, crisp taste of hard real goat cheeses really appropriate, aromatic herbs and cheese flavor just combined.
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