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The benefits of drinking wine

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The first is aging: the human body with the metal, as in nature will gradually "oxidation." Oxidative the culprit is not oxygen, but oxygen free radicals, is an unpaired electrons outside the nucleus containing reactive groups.
The second is the prevention of cardiovascular disease: blood red wine to make high-density lipoprotein (HDL) increased, while the role of HDL cholesterol from extrahepatic tissues to the liver for metabolism, it can effectively reduce blood cholesterol , prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Moreover, the red wine polyphenols, can inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis. Although liquor also has anti-platelet aggregation effect, but a few hours later there will be "rebound" to make platelet aggregation before drinking more than hyperthyroidism, while red wine does not have this rebound phenomenon. 18 hours after drinking even after sustained suppression of platelet aggregation.
The third is the prevention of cancer: Grape skins contain resveratrol, anti-cancer properties in hundreds of plants that humans eat the best. You can prevent normal cell cancerous, and can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. In a variety of wine, red wine resveratrol highest. Because resveratrol can incapacitate cancer cells, so the red wine is to prevent cancer of the best.
The fourth is the beauty effects: Since ancient times, as the beauty of red wine to share, much popular. It is said that the French woman delicate skin moist and flexible, with regular consumption of red wine about. Red wine can senility aging, skin fewer wrinkles. In addition to drinking, there are many people like the red wine Waicha in the face and the body surface, because of the low concentration of acid has anti-wrinkle cleansing effect. Although the benefits of drinking red wine very much, but there are limits on the amount. Experts believe that drinking red wine by the alcohol content of 12%, not more than 250 ml per day, otherwise it will endanger health.
Drink a glass of red wine a day may reduce the risk of lung cancer of 60% (compared to those who do not drink red wine male smokers).
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