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Wine and Cantonese cuisine with new exploration

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The Bordeauxand the pork with the food? Cantonese cuisine with wine and mix, which gives sommeliers made ​​no small challenge. When the Chinese wine market development pilgrimage, the chef and sommelier needs to serve Cantonese cuisine and wines are inevitable thing.
Hong Kong Sommelier Zach Yu's job is to steamed crab, fennel lamb, stir fried Kobe beef, black truffles and pumpkin pie with appropriate wines, this is not an easy job.
Wine in Hong Kong ahead of the mainland. Hong Kong is not only a window to the mainland wine recommendations, it is the restaurant chef, sommelier and wine merchant military training ground.
To perfect wine to match up with the Cantonese cuisine is not easy, because in Cantonese sweet and sour, lo-based, will also join in the cooking process a lot of sauce, Cantonese cooking methods also have a variety, steamed, skillet, braised, fried, baked, etc. After Hong Kong chefs catering for France in the wine experience in this article comes from the Chinese side wine network learning and study, they came up with some of the wine with Cantonese initial thoughts.
Champagne's acidity and bubbles accompanied by snacks is appropriate; Burgundy fine tannins and complexity coupled with fried chicken and lotus root; vintage Bordeaux is both soft and rich tannin levels, coupled with pork is a good choice.
Wine and Cantonese match will bring a different surprise. This not only makes wine and food with persistent back incense, wine can restrain some of the spicy dishes.
However, in the Wine and Cantonese cuisine with this road, there are some unavoidable obstacles.
Sommelier Zach Yu to us and said: "In Western countries, the dish is a one on order, but in China, we are accustomed to dish together, and then on the folder diners eat what what, there is no order at all. this is not conducive to wine, catering, so we have to come up with solutions, this solution is for customers to pick out their favorite dish, we choose it for the dish to the wine, in fact, this is the helplessness lift. "
Hong Kong chefs and sommeliers are constantly trying to explore wine with Cantonese collocation method.
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