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Drinking wine need to understand these common sense

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Because drinking wine in the country in recent years the rise of fashion, so many people do not understand the culture of wine and some businesses will take advantage of this confusion.
Not the "whole juice" did not call it wine
Chinese Wine Marketing Society Zhao Yixiang that can often be seen on the market today, "半汁葡萄酒" and the so-called "sweet wine." In fact, from 1 July 2004 onwards, the state formally requested wines must be 100% of the "whole juice", which is internationally accepted standards, it can be said, is not "whole juice" simply can not be called wine, can only be considered as a common sweetened beverages.
Wine quality and year long no relationship
Wine shopping guide staff often introduced a wine produced in what year, year in the domestic market usually higher priced wines longer, better quality.
"But in fact, the quality of wine and year long does not matter, it depends on the quality of raw materials is the grape, followed depending on the process." Zhao Yixiang said, and China is not the same liquor, wine production process is not complicated in the world around the plantation, just harvested red grapes will be the first to wineries sorting table, where there is sorting division will remove pests, shriveled, deterioration and other low-quality grapes. Need winery produces wines even let workers a one to pick grapes.
Because immature grape stems with a sharp grass flavor, so sorting out of the grapes must be wholly stemmed. Later, before fermentation, especially red wine, grape pulp to Popi extrusion, so that grape juice and grape skins in contact with the grape skins for flavoring substances and pigments and other ingredients dissolve into the wine.
Finally, through the process of fermentation and pressing, wine can be placed in oak barrels or stainless steel vats trained. After cultured wine by filtration, bottling after which you can enter the market.
Zhao Yixiang said, marked on the wine year is used to tell people that it is the choice of which year the grapes, knowledgeable people can understand through the year year how the local grape growing conditions, growth is good or bad. Therefore, it can be judged good or bad quality of wine, so many foreign wineries producing wine grapes growing if a year is very good, then the price of wine produced that year than 10 years ago, the year that grape growing somewhat less wines produced higher prices.
Note 3 indicators and three kinds of standard
Zhao Yixiang introduction, for the quality of wine, can distinguish three main areas, namely physical and chemical indicators, health indicators and sensory indicators.
One of the most basic physical and chemical indicators are the characteristics of the wine to be stipulated that it should reach the minimum ingredients, such as alcohol, sugar content, acidity, sulfur dioxide, etc.;
Health indicators is a measure of wine heavy metal contamination by microorganisms or degree;
Sensory quality of the wine is good or bad judgment is an important way, is a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of wine.
At present China's wine industry, implementation of the standards there are three kinds: the first one is the national standard, the second is the industry standard, and the third is the corporate standards.
At present, the enterprise standard for product quality difference is very poor, some large enterprises standards will be higher than the national standard, and some enterprises, especially some small businesses, the standards are far below national standards and industry standards, can that their standard is simply bad wine "tailor" made. In addition, some for non-standard production of the company's products, not included in the purchase ranks.
Wine alcohol content of not less than 7%
Alcohol is a wine label must be marked content. Anzhao provisions of the standard wine wine alcohol content of not less than 7%. Normal processing technology of wine alcohol should be around 11%, some special products are available in 7% to 24%. Therefore, if one kind of alcohol in wine is less than 7%, a reason may be poor quality grape; Another reason is that there is no use grapes ferment. In addition, the alcohol content is too low, so that the shelf life of wine is affected, it is difficult to ensure quality.
Appearance and taste
To judge from the sensory characteristics, good wine should look clear light transparent, glossy, and its color matches the name of the wine, natural color, pleasing to the eye; poor quality of the wine, or turbid light, or color does not match with the wine name, there is no natural sense, or bright color, but there are obvious sense of artificial colorings.
In addition, because wine is a fermented product, its aroma should be fruity grapes, fermented wine, aging mellow, these aroma should balance, coordination, integration, elegant aroma, pleasant; poor quality Wine not possess these characteristics, or a prominent fruity violent or alcohol taste prominent, or other odors.
At the same time, no one should be a good wine its taste pleasant comfortable, all kinds of fragrance should be delicate, soft, full bodied, layered and sense of structure, lingering aftertaste; poor quality of the wine, or the fragrant prominent, or No wine thin layering, or no after taste.
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