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How to identify wine quality is good or bad?

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Wine products. Different grape growing areas, due to soil, climate, temperature, humidity and different grape varieties, the wines there are differences in taste, but it is being adapted to the needs of people of different tastes. California, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and even the "New World wine" the rise on precisely this point. And this is why every bottle of wine should be indicated on the label of origin, year of grape varieties, not just brands. For wine, the brand to us, but a strict sense of quality assurance, and specific to that whether we like the taste, is derived from the details on the label. Produced in the U.S. and manufactured in Thailand with a wear Nike shoes may not be different, but in Australia, the country produced the same brand of red wine, the taste may be completely different.
French wine true and false identification
The first step to see the appearance of the bottle
See bottle label printing is clear? Whether counterfeit reproduction?
See whether there is a strange bottle cap? There are no signs of being opened?
Look on the back of the bottle label whether the three international barcode starts with the word: France international code is 3
Second, look at wine liquid
See whether the color of the wine is not natural?
To see whether there is an unknown wine suspension? (Note: The bottom of the little precipitation is normal crystalline)
Qualitative change color when the wine has a bad sense of turbidity
The third step is to see wine stopper logo
Open the bottle and see whether the text stuffed wood wine bottle label with text on the same. In France, wine bottles and corks are private.
The fourth step, smell the smell of wine
If the wine has nail polish like choking odor, they degenerate
The fifth step, the taste of wine tasting
Drink the first mouthful of wine, liquor through the throat, the normal wine is smooth, there are problems wine irritation.
Pharynx drink, residual odor in the mouth of chemical smell or foul odor, it is not normal.
Good wine drinking should be refreshing.
Environment, atmosphere, facial
An atmosphere
Whether the sun or lights are not available too, no loud noise (including a strong sound, music), fresh air, the walls should be capable of forming a relaxed atmosphere was light-colored. Wine should be relatively empty in the belly, and feel sensitive, not busy, mental and mood are good state.
Second, the choice of tablecloth
Whether red or white wine, and wine origin are due to the different age show different colors: white wine can be light green, light yellow or golden yellow, red wine can be violet, purple (ruby red).
To make their respective beautiful pure colors emerge, not just the choice of tablecloth's it. Dark wine color tablecloth will affect the feelings of the * red tablecloth appropriate.
Third, the wine temperature
Wine must be worth at most make it reflected the temperature was set aside. Low temperature will suppress the dissemination of fragrance smell, too high a temperature will make the wine loses freshness. At the same time, should be relatively constant temperature in the wine tasting state; should selected not easy to make sense of fatigue wine temperature. Typically, the temperature sensitivity of tongue 15 ~ 30 ℃, and taste the most sensitive temperature 21 ~ 31 ℃. Hypothermia can tongue paralysis; temperature to give tongue to pain.
The strength of various flavors relationship between the degree of temperature change is not the same. The sweetness of sweet components generally, since the temperature gradually increased to 37 ℃, higher than 37 ℃, then gradually decreased, but when the temperature changes glycine remain relatively constant sweetness; acidity ingredient 10 ~ 14 ℃ range, degree of acidity expressed basically unchanged; bitter and salty ingredients, with increasing temperature diminished sense of taste. In general, the young wine sommelier low temperature than the aging of the wine.
Each wine has its ideal temperature Sommelier, in principle, for the cold white wine and red wine to drink after, is a recognized fact. If we can control the temperature of the wine was fit, better flavor. In such circumstances, the cold wine in Germany on the dominant form a trend. Especially red wine, people drinking temperature, the temperature is no longer the same as before, especially to maintain its light, bright color features. Year drinking near, light white wine, its temperature should be darker than wine to drink cold some time come. To reduce the temperature of the wine, the most convenient is to put half of the ice wine bottle ice bucket half full of water, fifteen to twenty minutes later, the temperature from 20 degrees down to ten degrees below, if you want more temperature drop even faster in ice water sprinkle a handful of coarse salt. If the temperature is too low too, can be removed wine, ice bucket next to it.
In addition, we can also put the lower white wine in the refrigerator, where the temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius before drinking wine out, the temperature will rise slightly, then wine poured into a glass, the temperature will rise rapidly again.
Not sweet white sparkling wine, drinking temperature is the most cold, but still can not feel too cold hands when pouring. Temperature is about 5-6 degrees Celsius can, otherwise you can not really feel the tongue temperature of the wine. As sweet sparkling wine, champagne and red when drinking, like, the more higher. Sparkling wine can not add ice cubes to cool, because of this rapid cooling method, will destroy valuable wine flavor. And general refrigerator temperature, and do not detract from the flavor of sparkling wine. In order to maintain the temperature of the ice bottle on the table, and put it in with a small ice bucket champagne cooling is also a viable option.
In France, it is also a natural sweet taste of cold white wine, a temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius. The liquor drinking temperature is also very low, light wine is about 6-7 degrees Celsius, higher alcohol wine is about 10 degrees.
Good quality liquor, its year nearly, is a kind of tastes good acidity, the temperature at 8 degrees, drinking the best flavor. Higher alcohol content of the wine, according to the year-old, the different types of grapes, the most suitable drinking temperature 11-13 degrees. Sherry drinking temperature (10 to 12 degrees), and Bi Bote wine, Madeira wine (13 to 15 degrees) lower. Year low, light red wine, such as France fresh Beaujolais. And like the Ringer wine, and wine in Italy, but also in a relatively cold to drink, taste better. Heavier alcohol content of the wine, drinking temperature is slightly higher, ranging from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius, most appropriate. German election grain and grain dry wine selection at a temperature of 14-18 degrees, the most adequate dissemination of its aroma. Drinking wine is matured highest temperature, the concentration of Burgundy wines, Bordeaux wine, and other countries produced the same year of the precious wines. Also note however, is that the wine on the table, its temperature should not be too high, which is at room temperature, the wine's temperature should not exceed 20 degrees. The chilled wine in the cellar removed, must not be placed near heating equipment to warm the wine. The cold wine, in the general's room, place 2-3 hours to warm slowly getting more able to maintain its flavor.
These [rules] may seem complicated, but not entirely, simply remember that wine drinking temperature is proportional to the principles and purity can be. In addition, people are able to objectively determine the temperature of the wine do? There are many kinds of commercially sold thermometer, after some practice, their own will be able to count out the correct temperature. Cold wine, put on the table before drinking, or liquor inside bucket with ice cooling storage. People will first wine tasting before stood open. Red wine is usually consumed when the bottle has been opened nearly an hour, so in order to play the characteristics of the wine, and the wine is the essence can be revealed.
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